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Formify is a simple-to-use JavaScript library that will change your work with forms forever. It does not require any knowledge of JavaScript or copying the fields templates.

All you have to do is run a script using formify() – the forms (inputs, selects and textareas) will be changed automatically.

Amazing Support for Mobile Devices

Formify supports mobile devices working on the most popular mobile systems such as iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

In addition to the basic activities Formify also has support for touch events such as dragging or moving.
Designed Each of seven Possible States

Formify have each of the possible states. Default, Hover, Focus, Active, Error, Success and Disabled
Ready layouts elements

Formify in addition to the finished sample forms also has a rich set of ready-made elements and styles, making it easy to create your own form.
CSS3 powered elements

Input, checkbox, radio button, select, range and more! All elements are powered by CSS3 stylesheet. Ideal for iOS, Android and others mobile devices! Just run function and make your form looking awesome!

Formify style requires CSS3 support.

Other awesome and Useful Features

Clien-side Validation – Validate the entered data on the fly
Change States – Change fields states in real-time via JavaScript
Not messy – Fields remain unchanged and you still have access to them through JavaScript.
Only HTML – Everything you set without writing Javascript code.
No inputs templates – You don’t need to copy the templates, the script will do it himself.
Easy to customize – With the attached .less files you can easily edit a forms styles.
Easy to use in project – .PSD files are attached
And more!

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